The Center for Security in Politics (CSP) supports research, curriculum, and convenings that bring students, academics, and leading political practitioners together to address critical global risks, to translate research and analysis into actionable solutions for policymakers, thought leaders and elected officials, and to train a diverse generation of security professionals for careers in public service.

The Center is led by Janet Napolitano, who has a unique background as a former federal and state prosecutor, Arizona governor, and the nation’s longest-serving Secretary of Homeland Security. She also served as president of the University of California from 2013-2020.



PANEL 1  ·  11:00am – 12:30pm PT

Lessons for the US from the Rest of the World
Co-sponsored by CEGA

PANEL 2  ·  1:00Pm – 2:30pm PT

Lessons from Battleground States – Election Officials from PA, AZ, and MI Share Their Experiences

PANEL 3  ·  3:00Pm – 4:30pm PT

Securing the Vote and Preparing for What’s Next


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