What’s behind the sky-high cost of a college education — and are there any solutions?

November 5, 2022 on CBS News

“Colleges and universities have become more comprehensive in the services that they offer, and in general, students are reaping the benefits” — Janet Napolitano

3D-printed weapons: Interpol and defense experts warn of ‘serious’ evolving threat 

November 1, 2022 on Alarabiya News

“[A]ll non-metallic [weapons] are consequential threats… I don’t think 3D non-metallics is advancing more quickly than other next-gen threats. This is always the challenge for the government: to stay ahead of the next problem. At the executive level of security agencies, I believe the government is taking the threat seriously and, at least in the US, taking measures to address the threat.”  — Noah Kroloff, Chief Innovation Officer

The Arizona climate that could have been: How Napolitano would put the state back on track

October 26, 2022 on AZCentral

“To the extent that there has not been a sense of urgency here, Arizona and Arizonans are paying a price. If the goal of government is to help build a better future, you have to take into account the conditions on the ground as they exist now, and what changes need to be made to adapt to them.” — Janet Napolitano

The Biden agenda gets a boost

July 28, 2022 on Politico Nightly

“We live in the age of the semiconductor, which is an essential component of everything from appliances to cars to electronics. Almost anything you can name has a semiconductor, and the United States, historically, and from a technological vantage point, has been a leader in the development of the semiconductor industry.

This bill pumps money into the domestic construction of semiconductor fabrication plants [commonly called fabs], and as a former governor of Arizona, I can say that’s a good thing. Intel started building fabs in Arizona back when I was governor, producing lots of semiconductors and lots and lots of jobs.” — Janet Napolitano

Election Night Coverage

November 8, 2022 on NewsNationNow

DARPA Workshop: Disaster Resilience and Recovery  

September 19, 2022

Secretary Napolitano on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°

August 15, 2022 on CNN 

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