Government Partnerships Initiative

Spring 2023

What makes government work? Moreover, what hinders government progress? Too often, the bridge between academic and private entities is much stronger than the link between government and academia, deterring students from public service engagement and hindering the government from creating next generation solutions to society’s most pervasive security problems. The Center for Security in Politics (CSP) believes that creating partnerships with government entities while leveraging academic expertise to solve current federal problems will not only build better government, but it will also build a better democracy.

Experiential Learning Initiative in Security Studies

Spring 2023

In March 2023, the Center for Security in Politics (CSP) offered 20 UC Berkeley students a once-in-a-lifetime experiential learning course in security studies. Led by Hon. Janet Napolitano, former UC President, Secretary of Homeland Security, and Governor of Arizona, the curriculum was curated to engage students in the inner workings of government agencies and the private sector to help them understand and learn about mitigating and managing national and global security risks from the highest government officials and security practitioners.