CSP Founder Urges Public-Private Collaboration on Cybersecurity

Focus Taiwan, May 9, 2023 – CSP Founder and Faculty Director Janet Napolitano said governments should “enlist” the private sector and civil societies in promoting general readiness for cybersecurity threats.

An example of how collaboration between the public and private sectors could make cyber connections more secure, she said, was a DHS campaign that encouraged the public to provide tipoffs to law enforcement agencies.

She said the DHS received “a significant volume of tips” about signs of terrorism and terrorism-related activities under the campaign, known as “If You See Something, Say Something,” and that those pieces of information were often “actionable.”

No matter how strong an organizational defense may be, there may be an adversary who can break through it, and what is important is to “mitigate vulnerability to cyber risks,” Napolitano said.

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